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Principal's Message

WELCOME BACK DEER CANYON - Principal's Message

BELL SCHEDULES: (Click “Bell Schedules to access a printable version.)

Grades 1-5 Schedule:

M, T, W, F     8:55am – 3:15pm 
Thursday (Time Banking Day)  8:55am – 1:35pm 
TK Schedule: 8:55am – 1:25pm 
Kindergarten Schedule:  8:55am – 3:15pm (Beginning September 26, 2022)
Kindergarten Transition Days: August 17, 2022 - September 23, 2022
Kindergarten Transition Days:   8:55am – 1:25pm  (August 17 - September 23, full day start September 26, 2022)

Before School Supervision:

The playground will be open to students in the morning beginning at 8:35 a.m. No supervision will be provided before 8:35 a.m. so students should not arrive at school before this time. Once students arrive, they may not leave unless a parent or other authorized person comes to the office to sign them out. To ensure the safety of our children, you will be required to show identification when you pick up your child.

School Breakfast/ Lunch:

PUSD provides breakfast and lunch to all students free of charge pursuant to the California Universal Meals Program.  Free meals are available to all families, regardless of their free or reduced-price meal eligibility status. Breakfast service will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 8:55 a.m.. Students will report directly to the playground after eating breakfast. Students not eating breakfast need to arrive when the playground opens at 8:35 a.m..
Meal program details are provided on the Food and Nutrition Department website at  Families are still encouraged to submit a school meal application for free and reduced-priced meal benefits because this information may be used for other programs such as Federal and State funding for your school, reduced registration fees for academic tests, free or discounted fees for bus passes, ESS childcare, and athletic programs, discounted rates for internet service and many more!  The application can be found online at . Applications must be submitted on an annual basis.  

Medication at School:

If your child requires medication at school, the “Authorization for Medication Administration”  form must be completed and signed by a CA physician and parents.  The form can be located per the link below.  All medication must be provided in the original container along with the completed medical form by an adult to the school site on or after the first day of school.  This form is required for all prescription and over the counter medications including but not limited to supplements, cough drops, inhalers, pain medications, etc.  If your child needs to self-carry a medication, please contact the school site health technician for guidance.  
For children with allergies, please provide the Life-Threatening Allergy form signed by a CA physician and parents along with an epipen to the health office by the first day of school. 
For additional information on student medication and medication administration, please visit the PUSD Health Services webpage.

School Supplies: 

Click the link to view and print out Deer Canyon's school supply lists.

Bicycle Riding: 

Only students in grades 3, 4, and 5 may ride a bicycle to school. Children must wear a helmet, provide a lock for the bicycle, and follow safety rules/laws. Please click here to complete a permission form for students who wish to ride their bikes or scooters to school. Bikes and scooters must be walked once on school grounds. No rollerblades of any kind or skateboards are allowed on campus.

Parking Lot Drop Off & Pick Up:

When dropping off and picking up students in the parking circle please pull completely to the curb to drop off/pick up your child. Do not let your child out of the car until you are stopped at the edge of the curb. Never leave your car unattended in the driveway. If you need to enter the school campus for any reason, please park your car in a designated space in the lot or on the street.

Extended Student Services (ESS):

Deer Canyon Elementary School provides an ESS program, which is a fee-based before and after school childcare program.
A student's enrollment at an elementary school does not guarantee them ESS enrollment.  All students wishing to participate in ESS must be registered through the PUSD ESS department. Please access the Deer Canyon Elementary School ESS webpage at the link for enrollment instructions and fees.


State law requires that pupil attendance be verified. If your child will be absent, please call the school ABSENCE HOTLINE at 1-858-484-4876. If the school is not notified regarding an absence by 10:00 a.m., we will call you at home or at work for verification. Please do not email the school regarding student absences. All attendance information should be conveyed through the Attendance Hotline.