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24 HOUR ATTENDANCE HOTLINE ~ 1-858-484-4876
ATTENDANCE EMAIL ~ [email protected]
Please remember to call the attendance hotline each day your student is absent from school.
If your child is absent from school, a parent/guardian must call the office via the Attendance Hot Line (858) 484-4876 before 9:00 am. Please leave the following information:
  • Student’s name and grade
  • Teacher’s name
  • Day(s) and date(s) of absences
  • Reason for the absence
  • Expected date of return
This is one way we can ensure that your child is safe, and that attendance does not become a problem. If the absence is for five (5) days or more, a doctor’s statement, in addition to the parent’s note will be required. Parents are encouraged to schedule vacations and trips during non-school days. To help us keep classroom interruptions to a minimum, parents are asked to communicate after-school plans with their children before they come to school.
When your child has a medical appointment, please send a note to the office.  This will be documented as an excused absence.  If a child has a fever, they must not return to school until they have been fever-free for 24 hours.


ABSENCES: You must keep us informed regarding the reason your child is not in school. Therefore, when your child is absent, we request that you call the 24-Hour Absence Hotline (858) 484-4876 before 9:00 am to inform us whether your child is ill or absent for other reasons. If your child will be absent from school due to anything other than illness, please contact the school office in advance regarding homework and/or a study contract.
TARDIES: Like absences, tardies affect classroom learning time and should be avoided. Students who are late to school must check in through the office. Medical appointments are considered excused tardies. All other tardies are unexcused.
ARRIVAL: School begins at 8:45 am, Monday through Friday. Playground supervision will begin at 8:25 am, daily. Please do not drop your child off unsupervised before 8:25 am. Upon arrival at school, students in grades 1-5 will walk to the back playground. At the first bell, 5 minutes before the start of school, students should line up in their designated area and wait for their classroom teacher. All students are expected to be in their seats, ready to learn by 8:45 am.
TK and Kindergarten students will proceed to the kindergarten playground between 8:25 am & 8:48 am. Kindergarten children will line up with their teacher and classmates at the first bell five minutes before school begins at 8:40 am.
Students arriving after the 8:45 am bell need to come to the office for a late slip before going to class.
DISMISSAL: Students in grades K-5 are dismissed from school at 3:05 pm Monday through Friday and at 1:25 pm on Thursday. 
Kindergarten and 1st-grade students will be handed off directly from the teacher to a caregiver at the MPR at the release times.
TK students are dismissed daily at 1:00 pm and will be handed off directly from the teacher to a caregiver at the main gate.