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Mission Statement

Our mission is to ensure all of our students develop a love of learning and become highly successful in school, society, and the work place. Through close collaboration, and in partnership with our families and community, we will provide challenging, real life learning opportunities to prepare our students for success in a diverse society and ever-changing world. We will model what we expect so our children become:
Self Directed Learners• Collaborative Team Members• Clear Communicators• Constructive Thinkers and Problem Solvers• Effective Users of Tools and Technology• Responsible Members of Society

Deer Canyon Elementary Vision

It is our vision that Deer Canyon becomes a school where all students have the individual support, encouragement and opportunity they need to achieve academically at very high levels and to develop the personal habits and values which will allow them to be successful both in school and as productive members of our society.

Deer Canyon Elementary Culture

The staff and parents of Deer Canyon encourage students to be intrinsically motivated and ensure that our students develop a love of learning. We embed habits for future success through the explicit development of skills such as critical thinking, self-monitoring, persistence, and responsibility. Staff models a positive, caring, inspirational attitude every day. Through a rigorous and relevant academic program, we believe in and celebrate the success of every child.

Deer Canyon Guiding Principles

We, the staff, pledge to support the implementation of the District vision in concert with our mission and vision to ensure rigor, relevance, and relationships in all that we do. These are our guiding principles:


  • We believe all children can learn at high levels and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do
  • We ensure students demonstrate their understanding of concepts through multiple pathways such as technology, visual learning, use of kinesthetic materials, and creative problem solving
  • We believe a strong foundation in reading, writing, and math is critical to student success and strive for high academic and behavioral expectations for students and staff
  • We maintain a safe school environment that values respect and the individual gifts of our students
  • We continually seek innovative technology to create challenging classroom learning experiences resulting in differentiated, self-paced, multi-modality instruction


  • We embrace the responsibility of preparing our students to become creative problem solvers who can be flexible and adapt to a changing world
  • Along with the Common Core State Standards, we provide interactive, collaborative STEAM activities for students which develop strong problem solving life skills
  • We ensure academic support is in place for students with special needs in an inclusive environment
  • We provide opportunities to engage in enrichment activities to support all learners and learning
  • With the integration of technology and personalized learning, we ensure the 21st century student develops the necessary skills to be college and career ready


  • To ensure strong lines of communication are built throughout our organization, we foster positive relationships among staff, students, parents, and the community
  • Staff work collaboratively as a community of active learners through teamwork and professional learning
  • We foster leadership within our learning community amongst both staff and students
  • Through trusting and collaborative relationships with PTA and Foundation, we ensure programs are implemented to support the development of the total child
  • We embrace the unique and diverse culture of our school community and foster opportunities to promote tolerance and understanding
  • We value the relationship our parents and staff feel between each other and our school community