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Teacher Directory

Main School number: (858) 484-6064
Attendance Hotline (858) 484-4876
Teacher Grade Email
Lauren Robison Peer to Peer Preschool Special Day Class [email protected]
Laura Hoge Ready to Learn Preschool Special Day Class [email protected] 
VACANT Structured Support Kindergarten/1st/2nd Grade  
Sue Rodriguez Structured Support 3rd/4th/5th Grade [email protected]
Nicole Friedman Transitional Kindergarten [email protected]
Annie Taylor Kindergarten [email protected]
Leigh Fitzgerald Kindergarten [email protected]
Sandra Quinn 1st Grade [email protected]
Heidi Cornwall - Graham 1st Grade [email protected]
Keri Welty 2nd Grade [email protected]
Kim Swalley 2nd Grade [email protected]
Meg Katsiapis 2nd/3rd Grade
Diane Leibowitz 3rd Grade [email protected]
Amy Regardie 3rd Grade [email protected]
Marilou Castro 4th Grade [email protected]
Sarah Parks 4th/5th Grade [email protected]
Catherine Jaravata 5th Grade [email protected]
Chelsey Davis 5th Grade [email protected]